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Here's our plan

Phase one


0-6 months

Phase two


6-24 months

Phase three


2-5 years

There are three distinct phases. Firstly the plan focuses on stabilising the club's financial situation, making sure it's safe and functional, and looking at simple ways to set the operations up for continued success. 

The second phase sees us well on top of the financial management of the club and getting on with the capital works program. Meanwhile we're well on the way to supporting local sporting associations with cash and sponsorships. It's about setting things up to ensure sustainable profitability and long term growth.


Finally, we have everything in place in phase three to ensure the club can withstand peaks and troughs, continuing to build momentum in various revenue streams and in a strong position that doesn't rely on volunteers for day to day tasks.


Did you know that according to the latest ABS data, in the past 5 years Bangalow has seen a 36% population increase, along with a 50% rise in median weekly household incomes?   

Our plan is a working draft document, we will update it as more information comes to hand.  So if you have anything to add please let us know. It's a plan for everyone who's part of the Bowlo and the community. 

Click to download the current draft

Plan cover 0.7.jpg
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