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We Have So Many Ideas


Get involved, grab a set of bowls and be part of this fast-growing pursuit. We'll promote barefoot bowls, corporate bowls and look at fun competitions such as Jack Attack 

Jack attack.jpg


We're going to host some great events for the local community and beyond to help support the Bowlo. We already have a dedicated events team doing work on this - stay tuned for more

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We will encourage more players to come on up to the Bowlo after a game, quench their thirst and recount the on-field glory (or lament those missed chances)

We've put our collective thinking caps on to come up with a long list of initiatives - many of which are in our business plan, and some have come straight from community members who have contacted us.


Our goal is to reinvigorate the Club, encourage patronage and provide a better customer experience to everyone who comes through the doors. 

We're going to revamp memberships, promote barefoot bowls and capitalise on our enviable location among the Bangalow Sporting Fields precinct. 

When it comes to the Club itself, we know the building needs some TLC. That's why we have developed a capital works program which includes over $1million in refurbishments and improvements. And they'll be fully funded right here through increased operating profit, corporate fundraising, raffles, plus a little help via government grants. It's all in our plan.

The first priority is to ensure the Club is compliant and safe. That shouldn't take long, and once complete we can focus on some meaningful refurbishments to the building we all love. We promise to make sure the authentic character of the place is preserved - because we love our Bowlo just the way it is.

Bangalow has a changing demographic of professionals and business owners with a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise. So if you have any ideas to share about the future of our Club, we're all ears. It doesn't matter if you've been here for 40 years or recently moved to town. Just send us an email or use the contact form here and the Member Group will soon be in touch.

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