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On Sunday 13 November 2022 the proposed amalgamation was endorsed by 60% of the 481 members who voted. To those who voted against this bad deal, the KTBL Member Group would like to thank you for the amazing support you gave us, for backing our plan, and standing up for what you believed was right. We were up against a powerful machine, backed by ClubsNSW, enabled by a series of unfair tactics designed to stifle debate, silence a large part of the community and sway the numbers in favour of giving our Bowlo to North Sydney Leagues Club Limited. 

We remain truly disappointed and dismayed at the outcome. This is a completely avoidable and unnecessary loss of a community asset, which Bangalow may live to regret in the future when things inevitably don't turn out as 'promised'. The Bowlo could have flourished and succeeded under a fresh new board of directors with appropriate skills and experience, with an achievable and solid plan, and the drive  implement it, while providing generous support to local sporting clubs and the community. Sadly our club's future is now out of our hands. 

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our much-loved local

Run by locals... shaped by locals... for the community, our sporting teams and our kids

Bangalow Bowling & Sports Club has always been about community. It’s a place where locals eat, drink, dance and share life together, as well as being a home to bowls, rugby, soccer, cricket, tennis and netball teams.


It’s a safe and fun space for kids, a venue for birthdays, dance lessons, parties, fundraisers and even wakes. For many of us, it holds a special place in our hearts.

Right now, we are being asked if we want to change the very nature of our club by amalgamating with Norths Collective, a group whose own website defines them as “industry leaders in the club and gaming space”.


As a voluntary group comprised of members, with many different areas of expertise, we are working on a campaign to keep our much-loved Bowlo locally-owned, and keep gambling harm out of our community.


Our goal is to develop a business plan that offers a real, viable alternative to just giving our club to North Sydney Leagues Club Ltd.


Once it's gone, it's gone forever. 


Who we are

We are a group of local members who are passionate and committed to saving our club. We have a broad range of skills from a variety of backgrounds including hospitality, financial management, small business, legal, academic and other professions. We don't want an expansion of gambling within our community. We have great ideas and a plan to turn the club into a profitable and successful community hub to be proud of.

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If you choose to vote NO to amalgamation with Norths Collective, we want you to know that there's a group of community-minded members working very hard. A group that will step up and get the job done for the Bangalow community. 


We have members willing to take on Board positions immediately, and our group has the expertise and the connections turn to the Bowlo into the profitable and successful community hub it should be. 


We are committed to:


  1. Delivering a business and strategic plan for success

  2. Reviewing current operations and procedures within the club as we get to know what works and what doesn't

  3. Employing locals and growing the number of jobs as the club becomes more successful, including increased staff training to take service standards to the next level

  4. Launching a fundraising and event campaign to address urgent repairs and ensure the club is safe and compliant for all (without going cap-in-hand to the community)

  5. Prioritising support for bowls and sporting clubs

  6. Using an expert to help apply for government grants, including those related to building sports infrastructure

  7. Developing a new Master Plan in consultation with members, starting with a member survey in the very near future

  8. Modernising the membership database and enhancing regular member communications

  9. Providing clear and concise financial updates about your club, any money raised and how those funds are being spent

  10. Remaining accountable to the local community

If you vote NO
to amalgamation, we have a 

Committed to Supporting Our Local Sporting Clubs 

Ensuring the Bowlo does more for our sporting community  

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